3D Signal Simulation


SE-AGETIM-LIGHT is a simple standalone software that enables
easy 3D environment generation that can be used for simulation and modelling.
SE-AGETIM-LIGHT enables integration of various geographical data
sources. Some physical database extensions mechanisms are also
provided for a highly automated multi sensor generation process.
Kategorie: 3D Simulation
Manufacturer: Oktal SE


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Source data manipulation made easy The light modeler perform automatic treatments on source data at import time.  Different data types and formats are supported, among which:

Elevation data
- DTED or GeoTiff terrain grids
- Terrain lines

Features data (vector information)
- IGN BDTOPO Shapefiles
- OpenStreetMap
- Corine Land Cover

Photos (raster information)
- Satellite or aerial images

GlobalMapper SDK (provided by Blue Marble Geographics) allows trustworthy support of many data sources and virtually any coordinate systems.

Generation made simple

SE-AGETIM-LIGHT adds dedicated algorithms for data cleansing and automatic mapping, in order to perform suitable generation.
Too complex data are simplified, or ignored, so that the generation process runs smoothly.

Generation parameters are gathered on a single window which can be adapted to specific customer needs : ask us!

SE-AGETIM expertise

SE-AGETIM-LIGHT relies on SE-AGETIM terrain modeler core, and thus benefits from its' twenty-years experience and most of the advanced generation mechanisms.
Any database produced by SE-AGETIMLIGHT is fully SE-AGETIM compatible.

"First shot" result of the light modeler can be enhanced with the full modeler package.

Templates library

SE-AGETIM-LIGHT comes with an included templates library which provides realistic generic databases, ready for SEWORKBENCH simulation tools.


The library takes advantage of multi-texture methods, and provides detail texture both on generic templates and aerial photo.

The multi sensors enhancement

SE-AGETIM-LIGHT templates database is not only defined for visible domain, but also IR and RF domains.

At the end of the terrain generation process the virtual 3D scene is ready for a spectral analysis.

Internal visible domain viewer

The product comes with an integrated 3D viewer.


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