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Time reference systems: ePRTC Clock Combiner

Time reference systems: ePRTC Clock Combiner

KL-3400 Ensemble Real Time Clock

Our Ensemble Real Time Clock generates an even more precise and stable time and frequency from several external high-precision time sources than one of the individual clocks could.

The purpose of the clock is to provide a stable clock signal related to

the short-term frequency stability of the built-in OCXO
the medium-term frequency stability of a set of atomic clocks
the long-term timing accuracy of a GNSS timing receiver

Advantages of the software clock:

Improved stability compared to a single atomic clock due to ensemble averaging of a set of up to 15 clocks
Automatic control by UTC (GPS) or other GNSS systems or by another stable 1pps signal
Additional phase and / or frequency control on user command
Continuous consistency check between the atomic clocks
Robustness against clock failures
Easy clock maintenance without interrupting the software clock output signal.



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