Count-up / Count-down Controller

RC600 Countdown or Countup Clock Timer

The RC600 is a remote control that adds both count-down and count-up timer control features to our NTDS and TCDS clocks. Reference or generate time input from NTP or time code (IRIG & SMPTE). Control up to 6 time code clocks and a virtually unlimited number of NTP clocks.
Category: Count Controllers
Manufacturer: Masterclock Inc.


  • Count-up or count-down up to 99 hours 
  • Reference time from NTP, IRIG-B or SMPTE (30/25/24 fps non drop frame)
  • Generate NTP or SMPTE (30/25/24 fps non drop frame) 
  • Control an unlimited number of network clocks and devices via Ethernet 
  • Control an unlimited number time code clocks via SMPTE BNC output 
  • Real time clock chip retains time during loss of power or time reference 
  • Modes include count-down, count-up, count to time, and clock
  • 6-digit LED display

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