GNSS Interference Detection



System for detecting interference of the GNSS signal due to jamming, spoofing or unintentional jamming.
Manufacturer: OHB Digital




Precise GNSS signals are a worldwide navigation and time base - but vulnerable to interference

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) positioning and timing services form the backbone of many applications and markets. Examples include tracking goods and vehicles, locating accident victims or rescue units, providing navigation for aircraft, time synchronization of power grids, communications systems, and stock exchanges. Many stakeholders rely on GNSS.

Civil GNSS services are free of charge and available worldwide, but are poorly protected against unintentional and even intentional interference.

OHB Digital Solution has been researching for more than 20 years to provide means to monitor and complement GNSS services with GNSS quality assurance. For many applications, it is not only precision but first and foremost integrity! OHB's GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System (GIDAS) contributes to the security of your GNSS applications by making threats visible.


OHB's GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System (GIDAS) is a scalable real-time system for monitoring GNSS services

OHB's GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System (GIDAS) is a scalable real-time system for monitoring GNSS services in the field and alerting in the event of interference or performance degradation.

The heart of GIDAS consists of a variety of jamming and spoofing detection techniques developed over more than 20 years of research. The intelligent combination of different monitoring approaches provides a robust statement of the current local integrity of GNSS position and timing services.

GIDAS is specifically designed for permanent installation on critical infrastructure and can detect, classify and localize a wide range of jamming and spoofing signals.


GIDAS offers:

  • A network of GIDAS monitoring sensors in place
    • Distributed on-site GNSS sensors cover the area of interest
    • 24/7 monitoring of the quality and integrity of local GNSS services
    • Direction finding of local sources of interference and localization of the threat
  • Central GIDAS monitoring center
    • Local data processing without costly cloud infrastructure
    • On-site data hosting - full control over recorded data
    • Centralized data archive for post-processing and analysis of incident events
    • Web-based user interface for seamless operational integration
    • User-defined alerting interface - depending on operational context



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