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SimHIL Integrated hardware-in-the-loop Testingt

SimHIL Integrated hardware-in-the-loop testing
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Precise positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) is accelerating vehicle capabilities. To guarantee performance you need to verify every development at every stage. Our PNT test systems enable you to assure accuracy, integrity, continuity and reliability in the most challenging environments, so you can move forward with confidence.


Bringing hardware into the loop with SimHIL

The path to vehicle autonomy is setting developers significant challenges. Increasing numbers of use cases and corner cases, difficult or impossible to reproduce in a real environment, dictate that costly drive testing is no longer practicable, and the need to provide a realistic simulated environment in the lab is critical.

SimHIL is a software solution that provides dedicated APIs to integrate Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 GNSS simulators with dynamic hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environments. Providing ultra-low latency, combined with an extensive level of control, greater realism, and Spirent’s assured ease of use and set-up, SimHIL brings the responsive motion of the antenna into the test in real-time. This function is essential for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers developing ADAS, V2X, sensor fusion engines for autonomy and infotainment systems.


External motion

SimHIL enables the direct input of motion and trajectory data into the GNSS simulator from the HIL platform in real-time.

Sensor fusion

Vehicles are incorporating an increasing number of sensors, and these must be tested both independently and simultaneously. SimHIL brings global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) into this real-time co-simulation environment.

Testing V2X

In partnership with Tata Elxsi, Spirent has developed a V2X test bed that can be used for validation and performance benchmarking of V2X applications running on V2X ECUs. Spirent’s GNSS simulators play a key role in providing a precise source of timing, as well as the position transmitted in messages such as Basic Safety Messages (BSM).

Testing infotainment systems

To test user experience, infotainment system developers are bringing the driver into the loop. SimHIL facilitates dynamic real-time feedback to the driver through visual, audio and navigation information – highlighting system and driver responses to different scenarios.

Vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL)

For complex and expensive VIL platforms to be effective, the virtual environment needs to be as close to reality as possible. SimHIL brings Spirent’s world-leading GNSS simulation capability into this equation.

Combined with Spirent’s multi-output simulation platforms, SimHIL has also enabled over-the-air (OTA) angle of arrival (AoA) testing with VIL in an anechoic chamber. This means developers can now include the antenna in their procedure, testing the final product in its production form.


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