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SimGNSS Software-only GNSS testing

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Software-based GNSS testing

Competitiveness in the market for GNSS-enabled systems means that developers need to test GNSS earlier in the development cycle and achieve greater precision and robustness through multi-sensor positioning engines. However, accessing high-quality raw GNSS data for software-level testing can be expensive and impractical. Spirent's SimGNSS offers the user the ability to
the ability to log or stream absolute truth data from the industry's leading simulation software - without the need for specialized hardware.

What is SimGNSS?

Available as an annual subscription, SimGNSS is a hardware-free instance of SimGEN that gives you access to all the unrivaled features and performance - without the cost of purchasing hardware. With a configuration based on the flexible and powerful GSS7000 hardware platform, SimGNSS gives you the full range of GNSS constellations and frequencies across 256 channels.

Whether you need data logs containing real satellite orbital and navigation data, vehicle motion data and all other scenario information, or you want to stream NMEA over Ethernet or RS232 to support your software-in-the-loop test environment, SimGNSS provides the flexibility and reliability required for successful development. In addition, SimGNSS enables the streaming of real-time correction messages to test your RTK network.

Advantages of SimGNSS

- Full power of SimGEN - the industry's leading GNSS simulation control platform
- Full availability of constellations and frequencies
- Absolute real data for reliable results
- Comprehensive error modeling
- Validation of positioning system algorithms
- Consistency throughout development with seamless transfer of GNSS truth data from SimGNSS to Spirent's GNSS simulators when RF testing is included




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