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SimIQ - capture and replay of I/Q data files

I/Q Capture & Replay with GSS7000 an d GSS9000 Simulators
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Manufacturer: Spirent Communications

GNSS simulation with I/Q data files

Getting successful products to market demands precise, reliable, and flexible test capabilities. SimIQ enables greater efficiency and consistency throughout the development cycle, delivering the exceptional performance expected from our world-leading signal generation architecture.




Same hardware, greater capability

SimIQ is a software solution that enables Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 Series simulators to capture, replay and share I/Q data files without the need for additional hardware. This capability opens up opportunities for testing receiver algorithms earlier in the development cycle, saving time and money while delivering greater collaborative processes to global teams through simple sharing and consistent playback.

  • Create I/Q data files with configurable sample rates up to 120 Ms/s, and bit-depths up to 16
  • Generate high fidelity and accuracy RF signals from I/Q data files using Spirent GSS7000 and GSS9000 Series GNSS simulators
  • Promote collaboration and consistency across businesses with multiple sites, enabled by sharing common I/Q files for testing

Key Applications

Testing GNSS software receivers—To cope with the demands of short product development timelines, developers are including virtual testing in roadmaps. SimIQ enables validation of GNSS software receivers by injecting the generated I/Q data, removing RF real-time constraints and allowing massive parallel simulation.

Validation of receiver algorithms—SimIQ enables developers and testers to validate models before the real hardware is introduced. The efficient sharing of I/Q files means the same realistic scenarios can later be used to validate the hardware front end.

Injection of externals signals—SimIQ Replay generates RF including GNSS signals, custom waveforms, custom noise, and even interference and jamming events, helping users to navigate through growing GNSS vulnerabilities.

Generation of classified signals and codes from I/Q data—Approved users can now alleviate any potential security concerns by replaying confidential I/Q data files with the same hardware used to test civilian signals.


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