The KL-3360 Time and Frequency Monitor is designed to monitor and compare Time- and Frequency- Systems.

The KL-3400 Real Time Ensemble Clock combines up to fifteen high precision timing inputs to an 1PPS or 10MHz output signal more stable than any of the input signals.

The LL-3220-XX Signal Distribution Unit is buildt modular to meet each of our customers needs. The system is designed to distribute analog and/or digtal signals as well as IRIG ...

The LL-3525 is a GPS Synchronized Timecode Generator. With its help, time can be brought to places where no cable can be laid and where no signal reception is possible.

The LL-3760 is a very precise GPS Timing Receiver. The unit outputs 10 Mhz and 1 pulse per second (1 pps) synchronized to the Navstar GPS System.

Very versatile GPS synchronized time code generator with internal oscillator. Many options: inputs and outputs for time code, frequency, pulse (1PPS), special time codes such as ...

The LL-8200-703 generates IRIG B and HaveQuick, works as a STRATUM I NTP time server and has additional timing outputs such as 1PPS, 10 MHz, or Sysplex. The device can be ...

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