NTP Timeserver

NTP100-TC NTP Time Server

The NTP100-TC is an NTP time server that synchronizes to a time code source and converts the signal to Network Time Protocol. It automatically detects the incoming time code source; long-term accuracy is the same as the external source. With loss of time code, the device will revert to an internal oscillator with accuracy of better than 165 msec/day.
Category: NTP Timeserver
Manufacturer: Masterclock Inc.




  • Converts time code to NTP

  • NTP output accuracy of ± 2 ms

  • Time stamp precision of 5-10 ms

  • Time server synchronized to your existing IRIG or SMPTE time code source

  • Automatically detects time code source

    • Time codes: IRIG-B0 (DCLS), IRIG-B1 (AM), IRIG-A0 (DCLS), IRIG-A1 (AM)

    • IRIG-E0 (DCLS), IRIG-E1 (AM), SMPTE 12M, 309M, 24/25/30 fps

  • NTP query (Unicast), Multicast or Broadcast modes

  • Assignable network configuration

  • Configuration via Telnet/SSH or included WinDiscovery

  • IPv4/IPv6 compatible

  • MD5 authentication

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