Network Time-Synchronization


NTS-3000 NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Network Time Server

NTS-3000 provides your LAN with accurate time as STRATUM I NTP server or PTPv2 IEEE1588 GRANDMASTER. UTC a multi-GNSS receiver, redundant operation possible.
Manufacturer: ELPROMA




The ELPROMA NTS-3000 Network Time Server delivers accurate time directly to the LAN via the NTP or PTPv2 IEEE1588 protocols.

It is equipped with 2 independent Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps outputs.

The server uses as a time base UTC, via two independent multi-GNSS receiver inputs, with which a redundant operation via a second optional antenna is possible. With these inputs, it can also use different satellite navigation signals and different receivers with corresponding output signal (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO or BEIDOU). The DCF-77 reception can be retrofitted.

The built-in quartz RTC clock guarantees time for possible short downtime of the GNSS signals. An OCXO option is available.

Both ANT1 / ANT2 interfaces can be switched to output mode, with GNSS NMEA signals being emulated with 1PPS-out.

The server can be synchronized with external clocks via the 1PPS-in and rs232 (ToD) interfaces.

It provides μs accuracy in the LAN. The server supports the leap second, synchronizes the UTC time monotonously (without Jump) and can simultaneously serve up to 100,000 NTP clients.

Firmware base on FreeBSD UNIX. It contains the best stable IP stack.

The device has a reliable air cooling system without fans.

It has been manufactured since 2001 and hardware and software are updated regularly to ensure the latest functionality and cyber security.

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