Oktal-SE 3D Simulation

SE-3D-DB is a set of 5 geo-typical 3D databases ready to use in
visible, infra-red and electromagnetic domains. There are fully
compatible with the SE-Workbench post processing.
Category: 3D Simulation
Manufacturer: Oktal SE

Oktal-SE is a French company with their main office located in Toulouse that specialises in sensor simulation COTS software for Research and Development as well as for 3D real time training applications.

The company was founded in 2001 by Jean Latger as an affiliate to the already existing Oktal - both are part of the SOGECLAIR Group.

Oktal-SE offers software solutions tailored to the customer's individual needs as well as advisory services for possible further development.

The different software packages enable the customer to run simulations covering the entire optical and electromagnetic frequency wavebands. The packages combine ray-tracing with state-of-the-art graphic rendering of any environment - of course this is also true for GPS and other GNSS environments.


 has been developed in order to illustrate and evaluate the different reception conditions of GNSS signals in e.g. urban canyons.

The software calculates the prospective properties of the signals (e.g. multi-paths, shadowing effects,...) - thus enabling the user to significantly improve reception in a given area.



 Oktal-SE offers six different workbenches. They contain a standard and advanced edition for each area: electro-optic (EO), radio frequency (RF) and GNSS.

 The SE-Workbench-EO is now also available for e-learning.

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