SE-FAST-RADAR simulates radar signals of a 3D virtual database in realtime. SE-FAST-RADAR provides images of the reflectivity maps with refresh rates up to 20 Hz!
Category: 3D Simulation
Manufacturer: Oktal SE

Key advantages

  • Complex 3D scene management
  • Robust electromagnetic models
  • Antenna diagram import facility
  • 2 ray tracing modes available
  • Improved simulation performances with the Ray-tracing Pulse Radar Frequency-RPRF
  • High performance even for a very complex scenario
  • Services associated to the product: hotline, maintenance, training

Physical model features

SE-FAST-SAR is based on SE-RAY-EM ray-tracing kernel:

  • Association of shooting and bouncing ray technique (ray tracing) & electromagnetic asymptotic formulations
  • Scattering computation using Physical Optics
  • Multiple reflections computation using Geometrical Optics
  • Edge diffraction computation using the Equivalent Current Method of Michaelli extended to targets covered by dielectric materials
  • Reflection and scattering on multilayer dielectric materials
  • Model dedicated to clutter materials including speckle effects
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