RF - WiFi Channel Emulation

Spirent ACM Advanced Channel Modeling Software

Create complex wireless propagation scenarios using a simple graphical user interface.
Manufacturer: Spirent Communications

As telecommunications networks continue to move toward 5G and merge with satellite communications networks, scenarios for radio frequency and millimeter wave propagation continue to increase in complexity. One of the complexities occurs as a result of massive MIMO, a key physical layer technology for 5G applications that involves the use of large-scale base station (gNB) antenna arrays, which contain as many as 256 elements. Similarly, end user devices will have to accommodate large internal antenna arrays with as many as 32 elements. This combination of high-order antenna arrays results in extremely complicated and intricate environments that are difficult to model in a lab setting for testing purposes. Not anymore!




Design, View, Build and Play Real-World 3D Propagation Scenarios

Spirent’s Advanced Channel Modeling (ACM) software allows simple creation of highly complicated scenarios without the need to fully understand all the involved channel model propagation characteristics. Simply select from an intuitive menu of parameters for various aspects of the scenario (or import any or all of them such as gNB and device antenna models or chamber design) and then build the desired environment in a few clicks. Users can select from a variety of real-world propagation scenarios dependent upon the connection type, including end-user mobility:

  • Circular: Basic scenario where one or more devices are moving in a circle around a gNB; useful to test beam tracking and beamforming algorithms inside a gNB
  • Linear: High speed scenario with either a train or other vehicle; allows testing of beamforming, beam tracking, power control, handover, or other algorithms
  • Piecewise Linear Motion: Mobile stations move in an arbitrary path as defined in the piecewise definition file; this file contains the cartesian coordinates and velocity for each segment to create a custom path
  • Static: Classical performance testing of gNB or end-user devices


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