Sim3D Software Option - 3D Multipath and Obscuration

Realistic multipath and obscuration simulation - simulating the impact of the local environment on GNSS signals
Category: GNSS Simulation
Manufacturer: Spirent Communications

Verify positioning performance in a true-to-life synthetic environment

Obscuration, as well as the reflection and diffraction of signals known as multipath, can be one of the main sources of error in a GNSS receiver. Multipath errors can vary from a few metres to hundreds of metres according to satellite geometry and the receiver environment. The characterisation and study of multipath is complex but important, as its effects need to be compensated for in most positioning, navigation, or timing solutions.

Sim3D is an innovative real-time system that enables the reproduction of an authentic multipath environment. The system combines a state-of-the-art GNSS simulator and an advanced GNSS propagation model. The propagation model relies on a 3D scene of the environment, which is used to generate the multipath and obscuration signature that strictly depends on the location of the receiver’s antenna – whether static or dynamic.

Sim3D enables testing in fully customisable environments, ranging from deep urban to dense forest to highway. With a wide range of models available, and the ability to build and introduce your own – including true-to-life buildings, cars, pedestrians, and trees – the level of detail is completely in your control.





  • Supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS
  • The signal code, carrier, and power aremanipulated based on interaction with theenvironment•Supports static and dynamic scenarios
  • Up to 31 multipath signals per line of sight (L OS) simulated
  • Up to 6 reflections per multipath computed•Ability to generate your own 3D models
  • Import externally generated models and objects•Multiple 3D models are included - includingdense forest
  • Dynamic trajectory generation
  • Support for a scene size of up to 5km2 - or greater for highway scenes
  • Unprecedented level of control
  • Constellation to be used
  • Obscuration mode on/off
  • Multipath on/off
  • Number of reflections per multipath signal
  • User-defined filtering algorithms to simulate only multipath in chosen delay/power ranges
  • Visualise the multipath direction of arrival
  • Building and object materials are modelled andtaken in to account during the computation
  • Support for hardware-in-the-loop setups


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