Time and Frequency Distribution


LL-3525-400 Master Clock Module

HaveQuick Generator / Reader with NTP server and Rubidium Clock
Manufacturer: Lange-Electronic GmbH

Time and frequency system with internal rubidium atomic clock

The LL-3525-400 Master Clock Module is a precise time and frequency system (PTFS) based on a rubidium atomic clock. Time information is output to connected systems in various signal forms. By using the internal rubidium atomic clock, the system can distribute time information with high precision and stability even over a longer period of time while not being synchronised by an external source.

External HaveQuick time reference

The LL-3525-400 can be synchronised by an external time reference with a HaveQuick signal according to GPS ICD060 and a 1-pulse-per-second (PPS) signal.

Or by a second LL-3525 MCM when operated in slave mode.

Timing outputs

  • The system outputs two digital HaveQuick time codes (ICD060 & Extended HaveQuick according to STANAG4430),
  • a modulated IRIG signal (B122),
  • a serial NMEA ZDA protocol and
  • several 1pps outputs.

Size and mounting

The LL-3525-400 Master Clock Module has a 19" housing for mounting in a 19" rack with the dimensions: 483.0 mm x 45.0 mm x 360 mm (W x H x D)

These dimensions include the mounting brackets on the front. The switches on the front and the connections on the rear are not included in these dimensions.

The overall dimensions with the front and rear connectors are 483.0mm x 45.0mm x 420.0mm.

The mounting brackets are not designed to hold the device in the rack without support rails!

The device has two M4 threads on each side to facilitate mounting with support rails. The maximum length that the screws may penetrate into the housing is 10 mm.


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