Time and frequency systems for demanding synchronisation tasks

KL-3320 Clean-Up Oszillator

The KL-3320 Clean-Up Oscillator measures the frequency of up to eight atomic clocks such as maser, caesium or rubidium atomic clocks, defines the best time source, outputs it smoothed, and ensures a change to another input without phase jumps.
Manufacturer: Lange-Electronic GmbH

Very precise frequency with high long-term stability

The KL-3320 clean-up oscillator is used to supply areas with a very high demand for precise, long-term stable frequency with a reliable, low-noise time signal.

Typical applications

  • Telecommunications networks
  • Satellite ground stations.

How the KL-3320 Clean-Up Oscillator works

The KL-3320 Clean-Up Oscillator measures the frequency of up to eight clocks such as maser, cesium or rubidium atomic clocks. The software or the user defines the best time source from this clock ensemble. With up to 1000 measurements per second, a high resolution is achieved.

The KL-3320 clean-up oscillator uses a double OCXO with an Alan deviation value of 8 x 10E-14, which is controlled by the selected atomic clock.

If the user decides to change the input signal, there are no phase jumps in the output signals. The oscillator synchronises to the new input signal without shifting its own frequency. It maintains the distance to the new input frequency.

Time signal with as little noise as possible

Another feature is the provision of 1PPS and 10 MHz outputs, which can be "smoothed" by the high-quality internal oscillator compared to the original signal of the atomic clock. This can be the case, for example, if the input is a caesium atomic clock.

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