Time and frequency transfer systems, fibre optic and manual


Time Transfer System TTS-5

High Precision wide area Time Transfer System




Time Transfer System TTS-5 - confidence through experience
It has been over 23 years since first “TTS” was introduced. Single frequency TTS-1 as first in the family, a very successful TTS-2, then TTS-3 with GLONASS, now TTS-5 - developed from scratch, released in 2015 after 2 years of R&D work. Till the date more than 150 units have been delivered to over 30 countries. As our core product, TTS is being continuously improved towards better observation results and deployment of the recent time & frequency knowledge. Software upgrades are provided free of charge every 3 months on average. Excellent observation results, long and stable operation, wide configuration possibilities, as well as user friendly solutions are main advantages of the system. TTS-5 generates data on its own and requires no daily assistance. The system is working under LINUX providing multitasking and integration with networks.


Access, Operation & Configuration
- built-in touch screen offers immediate access to observations, configuration and main parameters: delays, antenna position, key system status indicators.
- via WEB interface
- via USB keyboard

Data recording & storage
- downloadable from WEB interface (using WEB browser)
- downloadable from integrated FTP server
- can be sent to external FTP server (using WEB browser)
- can be saved on USB memory (using console or WEB interface)
- 1TB redundant data storage (RAID1 2*1TB)

Tracking features
Supported navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, WAAS/Egnos
Number of channels: 216
Number of satellites: all-in-view
Supported frequencies:
GPS: L1, L2, L5
GLONASS: L1,L2 option: L3
GALILEO: E1, E5A , option: E5B, altBoc, E6
Supported codes:
GPS: L1C, L2C, L1P, L2P, L5P
GLONASS: L1C, L2C, L1P, L2P option: L3
GALILEO: E1, E5A , option: E5B, altBoc, E6

Data characteristics & availability
Data type: Code and Carrier
Data output format: CGGTTS, RINEX.
The only CGGTTS Glonass/Galileo receiver on the market.
Data formats meet all formal requirements.
Data availability:
CGGTTS: 30 sec after each 13-min. observation session is finished
RINEX: real time

3-20 MHz frequency input (adjustable) Local 1 PPS input
1PPS output
Antenna TNC connector
1000BASE-T Ethernet port
2 USB connectors on the front panel 2 USB connectors on the rear panel

Physical & Enviromental
Main unit dimensions:
(410mm x 298mm x 133mm)
Rack ready, chassis made of heavy duty metal Screen - 7” TFT LCD
Resolution 1024 x 600
Operating voltage: AC 230V +/-10%, 45 to 60 Hz or AC 110V +/-10%, 55 to 65 Hz
Redundant power supply support
Operating temperature: 0ºC to +50 ºC

Time stability
Precision for phase observation for a short term, short baseline precision



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