GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator

To meet increasing demands for greater accuracy and performance, the Spirent GSS9000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator sets a new standard of excellence in GNSS RF Simulation for R&D and performance test.
Category: GNSS Simulation
Manufacturer: Spirent Communications

Why Choose the GSS9000?

To develop positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, and other high precision applications you require comprehensive, highly sophisticated testing. The updated GSS9000 Series multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RF constellation simulator sets a new standard of excellence in future-proofed simulation for R&D and performance testing.
Powered by SimGEN®, and using the latest state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for GNSS signal simulation, the GSS9000 Series produces a comprehensive range of emulated RF signals with industry-leading flexibility, fidelity, performance and reliability.




 Key Attributes


  • 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate (SIR) and hardware update rate (HUR) – enabling real-time remote control and trajectory delivery
  • Precision simulation of high dynamic motion with ultra-low latency
    • 120 km/s relative velocity
    • 193 km/s2 relative acceleration
    • 890km/s³ relative jerk
    • 60π rad/s angular rate
  • 0.3 mm RMS pseudorange accuracy
  • Full performance specification met under all simulation conditions


  • Full satellite constellation ephemeris and almanac
  • Extensive multipath
  • Tx and Rx antenna gain and phase pattern
  • Lever arm effects
  • Ionosphere and troposphere
  • DGPS corrections
  • Pseudorange ramps for RAIM testing and spoofing
  • Vehicle motion

Unrivalled global support

  • Regional technical support centre network
  • Email
  • Online
  • Phone
  • Regular software upgrades
  • Application notes and test methodologies via online knowledge base
  • Test scenario packs
  • Professional GNSS testing services


  • Up to 320 channels in one chassis
  • Highly flexible configurations selectable via a cabinet of licence keys
  • Single and dual RF versions
  • Complete portability of Spirent SimGEN scenarios
  • In-field upgradability of principle GNSS functionality and capability
  • On-the-fly reconfiguration of constellations and signals
  • Up to 10 outputs in one chassis for multi-antenna/wave-front and multi-vehicle applications
  • Multi-copy constellations – up to 10 copies of any licenced constellation can be created for sophisticated spoofing testing
  • Multiple vehicles can be specified at one RF output to easily orchestrate trajectory spoofing and meaconing
  • Flexible signals – enabling users to set up and control non-current SIS ICD PRN codes, nav data content/rate, chipping rate, edge shaping and modulation types
  • Extensive real-time plotting, bulk logging and streaming of all scenario truth data

Full Signals Capability

Whether testing with multiple signals from a single constellation, or testing hybrid systems with signals from multiple constellations, the GSS9000’s flexible modular design is easily user-configurable to meet all needs.

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