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Why do you need a GPS simulator and GPS simulation?

Why do you need a GPS simulator and GPS simulation?

Navigation with GPS

These days, almost all vehicles and mobile phones have a navigation system or a navigation app based on GPS. GPS, the Global Positioning System, is a satellite navigation system of the USA and is based on GPS satellites that send navigation signals from an earth orbit to the earth's surface. 31 satellites provide worldwide coverage with GPS navigation signals containing navigation messages. At any time and at any place on earth, a unique set of navigation signals can be received in the open air, enabling a suitable receiver to determine a highly accurate position. And not only the position, but the receiver can also determine the time and speed of the vehicle or mobile phone at the respective location.

GPS simulation enables controlled, repeatable tests of the function of GPS receivers

This set of navigation signals is different at every location on earth. If you now want to test and validate that a navigation system or navigation app is working properly, you can only do this with the real signals at one place and at one time. However, if you want to check the functionality for many different places on earth and many different points in time, it becomes difficult because it requires an enormous amount of travelling and a lot of time.

A GPS simulator offers a solution. It is able to simulate the GPS signals for any number of locations and times. It emulates the GPS signals and navigation messages exactly as they would arrive at the receiver in reality if this receiver were located at the set time and at the selected location, thus enabling controlled GPS tests in the laboratory without major travelling and time expenditure.

One and the same test can be reproduced exactly and repeated as often as required, each time with the exact same GPS signals and navigation messages. This is not possible in reality, as the GPS signals are constantly changing with the navigation messages.

In addition, the user has full control over the signals and can also set interference effects and errors in the GPS simulator: e.g. atmospheric influences, interference signals such as jamming and spoofing, deviations and errors in the satellite's orbit and many more. Testing with the GPS simulator and the GPS simulations generated with it therefore helps to recognise weak points in the GPS receiver and validate technical solutions. GPS simulators with integrated jamming and spoofing functions enable controllable, repeatable tests in the laboratory, can replace road tests and field tests and thus save a lot of time and money.

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