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GIDAS Statistiken und Diagramme

Detect, record and analyse GNSS interference signals

Function of GIDAS GNSS interference detection

GIDAS GNSS Interference Detection is a technology for detecting interference to the global navigation satellite systems GPS, Galileo, Glonass or Beidou. GIDAS recognises unintentionally or deliberately emitted interference signals such as jamming or spoofing signals, which can impair the accuracy or reliability of GNSS signals or even prevent their reception.

Essentially, GIDAS GNSS Interference Detection works by continuously monitoring the GNSS signals received. It searches for anomalies or deviations in the signal that could indicate possible interference. If such interference is detected, the system can trigger an alarm to minimise the impact of the interference on the user.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and timing services form the backbone of many applications and markets. Examples include the navigation of aircraft, the time synchronisation of power grids, communication systems and stock exchanges, the location of accident victims or rescue units and the tracking of goods and vehicles.

Recording the data for analysis

GIDAS records the monitoring data for analysis. This function has been enhanced with additional statistical options:

  • Precision in analysis: Customise your analysis based on various criteria

  • Comprehensive diagrams: Visualise the occurrence of faults with diagrams

  • Effortless reporting: Download detailed PDF reports for in-depth analysis

  • Improved decision-making: Gain statistical insights for strategic planning

Additional filter options

Additional filter options make it easier for you to display the results that are important to you:

  • Start and end date

  • Jamming status

  • Jammer type

  • Spoofing status

  • Severity filter

  • Duration limits (min, max)

  • Specific monitoring sensors for targeted analyses

New diagram support

Diagrams are created automatically:

  • for a specific point in time

  • Analysis of a calendar week

  • the duration of fault events

  • Monitoring related to specific sensors

GIDAS Portable
Portable system for detecting interference to the GNSS signal from jamming, spoofing or unintentional jamming.
GIDAS Stationary
System for detecting interference of the GNSS signal due to jamming, spoofing or unintentional jamming.
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